The objective of this project was to find the best seat in the Concert Hall of the Singletary Center for the Arts, here at the University of Kentucky. While subjective factors often determine a patron's favorite place to sit, I decided that an objective scientific approach could prove useful when I, or anyone, next attended a concert. Using only a keyboard amplified by speakers placed at center stage and a sound level monitor, I measured separately the volume of six different frequencies (at intervals of an octave) at twelve different seats throughout the Hall. Defining the best seat as the one at which all frequencies would have the most consistent volume, I then averaged and compared the data. Somewhat to my surprise, the "best seat" turned out to be near the middle of the auditorium, with the next two being in the front and in the back. This project, although simple in nature, might provide insight into the acoustical tendencies of the Concert Hall and enable audience members to enjoy the best musical experience possible.

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