Plenary Lectures

The XXIII International Grassland Congress (Sustainable use of Grassland Resources for Forage Production, Biodiversity and Environmental Protection) took place in New Delhi, India from November 20 through November 24, 2015.
Proceedings Editors: M. M. Roy, D. R. Malaviya, V. K. Yadav, Tejveer Singh, R. P. Sah, D. Vijay, and A. Radhakrishna
Published by Range Management Society of India

XXIII International Grassland Congress Plenary Lectures

Front Matter [23rd International Grassland Congress Proceedings]

National Organizing Committee, International Grassland Congress

Sustainability, Biodiversity and Environmental Issues: A Global Perspective for Livestock Production

David L. Michalk, Charles Sturt University, Australia

High-Altitude Grassland Management and Improvement of Pastoral Livelihoods in the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region

Eklabya Sharma, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Nepal

Wastelands of the Mind: The Identity Crisis of India’s Savanna Grasslands

Abi Tamim Vanak, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, India

Grassland and Livestock Production: The East African Case

David Miano Mwangi, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Kenya

Three Is Company: Fixing the Grazing-Land Business Conundrum

Ralph von Kaufmann, Foresight and Livestock Systems, UK

Importance of Livestock Production from Grasslands for National and Local Food and Nutritional Security in Developing Countries

Iain A. Wright, International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya

Tropical Grasslands--Trends, Perspectives and Future Prospects

Panjab Singh, FAARD Foundation, India

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National Organizing Committee, International Grassland Congress