XXIII IGC (2015) India

The XXIII International Grassland Congress (Sustainable use of Grassland Resources for Forage Production, Biodiversity and Environmental Protection) took place in New Delhi, India from November 20 through November 24, 2015.
Proceedings Editors: M. M. Roy, D. R. Malaviya, V. K. Yadav, Tejveer Singh, R. P. Sah, D. Vijay, and A. Radhakrishna
Published by Range Management Society of India

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Keynote Lectures
Plenary Lectures
Track 1-1-1: Global Database on Availability, Productivity and Composition of Grasslands, Forests and Protected Areas
Track 1-1-2: Biodiversity, Growth and Management of Temperate and Mediterranean Grasslands
Track 1-2-1: Assessment, Monitoring and Sustainability Indicators of Grassland Health
Track 2-1-1: Grazing Systems, Grassland Restoration and Livestock Production
Track 2-1-2: Forage Conservation, Value Addition and Balanced Nutrition
Track 2-2-1: Plant Diseases, Insect Pests and Weed Management
Track 2-2-2: Plant-Animal Interactions, Grazing Behaviour and Plant Quarantine
Track 2-3-1: Integrated Nutrient Management for Soil Health and Effects on Quality of Production
Track 2-3-2: Impact of Grass and Legumes on Livestock Production, Soil Conservation and the Nitrogen Cycle in Grassland and Forage Ecosystems
Track 2-4-1: Water Harvesting, Watershed Management, Water Use Efficiency and Eco-Hydrology
Track 2-5-1: Traditional Grassland Management, Animal Husbandry, and Nomadism
Track 2‐6‐1: Developing Intensive and Extensive Forage Production with Environment Friendly Technologies and Adoption of Mechanization
Track 2-6-2: Forests, Agroforestry and Wildlife towards Integrated, Productive Landscapes
Track 2‐7‐1: Seed Production, Storage, Quality, Testing, Quarantine and Marketing Systems
Track 2-8-1: Impact of Market Demands on Grassland Management and Livestock Husbandry
Track 2-9-1: Alternative Use of Grasslands for Medicinal Plants, Biofuel and Wildlife Products
Track 3-1-1: Multi‐Stakeholder Platforms for Addressing Grassland Issues and Sustainable Use of Forage and Grassland Resources
Track 3-1-2: Case Studies on Participatory Research and Development
Track 3-2-1: Grazing Pressure, Industrialisation, Land Use Change, Policies and Social Programmes
Track 3-3-1: Sustainable Use of Tropical vis‐a‐vis Temperate Grasslands
Track 3-4-1: Social and Educational Issues in Managing Degraded Grasslands
Track 3-5-1: Policies Affecting Pastoralism and Livestock Production
Track 3-6-1: Public‐Private Partnership in Managing Common Property Resources
Track 4-1-1: Plant Genetic Resources, Collection, Conversation, Evaluation and IPR Issues
Track 4-1-2: Breeding Cultivated Forage Species for Biomass, Quality and Stress Tolerance
Track 4-1-3: Breeding Range Grasses and Legumes for Biomass and Stress Tolerance
Track 4-1-4: Biotechnological Approaches to Improve Range, Pasture and Forage Species
Track 5-1-1: Global Role of Grassland Management in Mitigating Climate Change Effects on the Environment and Human Welfare
Track 5-1-2: Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity
Track 5-1-3: Emission of Greenhouse Gases from Grasslands and Mitigation Actions