Track 3-08: Innovative Methods for Grassland Research and Education

The XXII International Grassland Congress (Revitalising Grasslands to Sustain Our Communities) took place in Sydney, Australia from September 15 through September 19, 2013.
Proceedings Editors: David L. Michalk, Geoffrey D. Millar, Warwick B. Badgery, and Kim M. Broadfoot
Publisher: New South Wales Department of Primary Industry, Kite St., Orange New South Wales, Australia

XXII International Grassland Congress Theme 3:
Grassland People, Rights, Policies, Practices and Processes:
Achieving Change:
Building Our Capacity to Manage Grassland Challenges:
Innovative Methods for Grassland Research and Education

Strengths and Weaknesses of National Agricultural Research Systems: Attracting the Next Generation of Grasslands Researchers

James E. Pratley, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Casper W. Roxburgh, The University of Queensland, Australia

Grasslands Are My Home: An Innovative Primary School Program Developed for Remote Chinese Villages

Limin Hua, Gansu Agricultural University, China
Victor Squires, Gansu Agricultural University, China
Chengzhang Zhao, Northwest Normal University, China

Revitalising Communities to Sustain Grassland Research

Jacqueline Rowarth, The University of Waikato, New Zealand

Farmers Teaching Farmers: What Motivates Volunteer Farm Trainers?

Evelyne Kiptot, World Agroforestry Centre, Kenya
Steven Franzel, World Agroforestry Centre, Kenya

The North Wyke Farm Platform: A New UK National Capability for Research into Sustainability of Agricultural Temperate Grassland Management

Phil J. Murray, Rothamsted Research, UK
Bruce A. Griffith, Rothamsted Research, UK
Robert J. Orr, Rothamsted Research, UK
Martin S. A. Blackwell, Rothamsted Research, UK
Jane M. B. Hawkins, Rothamsted Research, UK
S. Peukert, Rothamsted Research, UK

Crops, Rumps and Woolly Jumpers: An Innovative Extension Approach Enabling the Complexities of Mixed Farming to Be Shared and Understood

Geoff R. Casburn, EH Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Australia
Helen M. Burns, EH Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Australia
Michelle Anderson, Sheep Connect NSW, Australia
Toni M. Nugent, EH Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Australia
Patrick Sproule, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Matthew Olsen, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Richard C. Hayes, EH Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Australia

Creating an International Forage and Grasslands Curriculum

Brianna L. Randow, Oregon State Univeristy
David B. Hannaway, Oregon State University
Kimberly Japhet, Oregon State University
Phil Shuler, Fort Lewis College
Chunhua Yang, Sichuan Agricultural University, China
Zhihua Li, Nanjing Agricultural University, China
Peter J. Ballerstedt, Barenburg
Alan S. Cooper, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment--Asia, Thailand
Xianguo Wang, China Agricultural University, China

Master Grazer: Improving Grazing Management in Kentucky

S. Ray Smith, University of Kentucky
Garry D. Lacefield, University of Kentucky
Lyndsay Jones, University of Kentucky
Jeff Lehmkuhler, University of Kentucky
Donna M. Amaral-Phillips, University of Kentucky
Kelly Kramer, University of Kentucky