Track 1-06: Improving Efficiency of Production of Amenity and Conservation Turfgrass

The XXII International Grassland Congress (Revitalising Grasslands to Sustain Our Communities) took place in Sydney, Australia from September 15 through September 19, 2013.
Proceedings Editors: David L. Michalk, Geoffrey D. Millar, Warwick B. Badgery, and Kim M. Broadfoot
Publisher: New South Wales Department of Primary Industry, Kite St., Orange New South Wales, Australia

XXII International Grassland Congress Theme 1:
Improving Production Efficiency to Revitalise Grasslands:
Development, Use and Impact of Improved Plants:
Improving Efficiency of Production of Amenity and Conservation Turfgrass

Inputs for Turfgrass Managers and Sod Growers: Marketing vs. Science-Based Information with Emphasis on Australian Experience

Donald S. Loch, The University of Queensland, Australia

AvanexTM Unique Endophyte Technology--Bird Deterrent Endophytic Grass for Amenity Turf and Airports

Christopher G. L. Pennell, AgResearch, New Zealand
M. Philip Rolston, AgResearch, New Zealand

Effects of Three Media Cultures on Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics in Two Turf Grass Genera for Sod Production

Abdolrahman Rahimian Booger, Zabol University, Iran
Hassan Salehi, Shiraz University, Iran
Saeed Reza Gharechahi, Shiraz University, Iran

Response of Selected Cultivars of Sheep Fescue to Management Strategy in Extensive Lawn Utilization

Barbara Golińska, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland
Piotr Goliński, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland

Evaluation of a Drought Tolerance Native Grass: Cleistogenes songorica for the Turf Use Purpose

Xinyong Li, Lanzhou University, China
Xue Wei, Lanzhou University, China
Yanrong Wang, Lanzhou University, China