Track 24-1: Grasslands/Rangelands People and Policies

The XXI International Grassland Congress / VIII International Rangeland Congress took place in Hohhot, China from June 29 through July 5, 2008.
Proceedings edited by Organizing Committee of 2008 IGC/IRC Conference
Published by Guangdong People's Publishing House

XXI International Grassland Congress/
VIII International Rangeland Congress:
Grasslands/Rangelands People and Policies

Matching Up the Complexity of Grassland of Inner Mongolia — on the Methodology Issues

Yisheng Zheng, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China

Water Resources Development and Utilization in the Pastoral Area of China and Grassland Ecological Protection

Jiao Yong, Ministry of Water Resources, China

Livestock Diversity and Climate Change in Rangelands

Irene Hoffmann, Food and Agriculture Organization
Beate Scherf, Food and Agriculture Organization
David Boerma, Food and Agriculture Organization

Slope Aspect Has Effects on Belowground Biomass and Root Length of Semi‐Arid Hilly Steppe

Xiaoying Gong, China Agricultural University, China
Shan Lin, China Agricultural University, China
Qingmin Pan, China Agricultural University, China
Holger Brueck, Christian‐Albrecht University, Germany
Klaus Dittert, Christian‐Albrecht University, Germany
Friedhelm Taube, Christian-Albrecht University, Germany

Dividing the Ecological Environmental Area for the Northwest Dry Grassland of China

Genzhu Chang, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Xuehui Zhou, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Hongshan Yang, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Grassland Resources in Liaoning Province of China: Problems and Management Strategies

Guijuan Du, Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Science, China
Jiaming Zheng, Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Science, China

Finding New Strategies to Rehabilitate Grasslands in Western China

David R. Kemp, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Z. B. Nan, Lanzhou University, China
J. P. Wu, Gansu Agricultural University, China
J. F. Yun, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China
Z. Xu, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Practice of Rangeland Co‐Management in Hongyuan

Bai Ze, Sichuan Academy of Grassland Sciences, China

Critical Pasture, Seasonal Grazing and Sustainable Development of Grassland Animal Husbandry Production in China

Quangong Chen, Lanzhou University, China
Yulin Mao, Lanzhou University, China

Comparative Analysis for Herdsmen's Income under the Different Background Systems

Jiri Xi, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China

Natural Grassland of China

Changcun Lin, Northeast Normal University, China
Tingcheng Zhu, Northeast Normal University, China

Analysis and Countermeasure of Unbalanced Ecology System of Chinese Temperate Grassland

Xinshi Lu, Beijing Forestry University, China
Lin Ai, Beijing Forestry University, China