Track 11-1: Amenity and Conservation Turf and Turfgrass

The 21st International Grassland Congress / 8th International Rangeland Congress took place in Hohhot, China from June 29 through July 5, 2008.
Proceedings edited by Organizing Committee of 2008 IGC/IRC Conference
Published by Guangdong People's Publishing House

21st International Grassland Congress/
8th International Rangeland Congress:
Soil Quality and Plant Nutrition

Provision of Turf Surfaces for Major Football Stadiums in Europe: Environmental Issues and Design Criteria

Stephen W. Baker, Sports Turf Research Institute, UK

Latest Developments in Turfgrass Research

Robert C. Shearman, University of Nebraska‐Lincoln

Breeding to Adapt Annual Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) from a Forage to a Dwarf Turfgrass for Overseeding Sports Fields

L. R. Nelson, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
Jimmy Crowder, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station

Characteristics and Turf Quality Traits of Native Poa pratensisin Humid Subtropical Sichuan

Yan Peng, Sichuan Agricultural University, China
Ying Qiu, Sichuan Agricultural University, China
Youmin Gan, Sichuan Agricultural University, China
Xia Liu, Sichuan Agricultural University, China

Adaptation to Water‐Poor Conditions: An Experimental Study with Buchloe dactyloides

X. L. Sun, China Agricultural University, China
J. Z. Niu, Temple of Heaven, China
He Zhou, China Agricultural University, China

Evaluating Turfgrass Color Using Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices

Gong Chen, Yunnan Agricultural University, China
W. Zhang, Yunnan Agricultural University, China
G. D. Li, E H Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Australia

Salt Tolerance of Some New Selections of Warm Season Turfgrasses and Their Salt Tolerance Mechanisms

Jingbo Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Tingting Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Jun Yan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Yanqin Jiang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Hailin Guo, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Jianxiu Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China