Theme 28: De-intensification with Grasslands

The XIX International Grassland Congress took place in São Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil from February 11 through February 21, 2001.
Proceedings published by Fundacao de Estudos Agrarios Luiz de Queiroz

XIX International Grassland Congress:
De-intensification with Grasslands

Vegetation Changes in Sown Grassland in the UK after Nine Years of Extensive Grazing Management

C. A. Marriott, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, UK
G. T. Barthram, Hartwood Research Station, UK

Influence of Extensive Management on Botanical Composition of Permanent Meadow Sward

K. Mlynarczyk, Warmia and Masuria University in Olsztyn, Poland
E. Korona, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
E. Marks, Warmia and Masuria University in Olsztyn, Poland

Long Term Observation of the Grassland Vegetation Used Intensively or Extensively and Ecologically

H.-D. Matthes, Rostock University, Germany
J. Matthes, Rostock University, Germany
W. Jentsch, Rostock University, Germany
V. Pastushenko, Rostock University, Germany

De-Intensification of Grasslands: Current State and Trends

Michael Duru, INRA, France
Bernard Hubert, INRA, France

De-Intensification of Grasslands: Understanding the Processes to Find the Balance

K. C. Hodgkinson, CSIRO, Australia