Theme 24: Deforestation

The XIX International Grassland Congress took place in São Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil from February 11 through February 21, 2001.
Proceedings published by Fundacao de Estudos Agrarios Luiz de Queiroz

XIX International Grassland Congress:

Initial Effects of Deforestation on Herbaceous Species Composition in Grassy Woodlands of the Northern Tablelands, NSW Australia

Chris R. Chilcott, Department of Natural Resources, Australia
N. Reid, University of New England, Australia
R. D. B. Whalley, University of New England, Australia

Potential Role of Native Bush in the Chaco for Mitigation of Dryland Salinity in Grassland

A. Glatzle, Estación Experimental Chaco Central, Paraguay
R. Schultze-Kraft, University of Hohenheim, Germany
R. Mitlöhner, University of Göttingen, Germany

Carbon Accumulation in Soils under Brachiaria Pastures in the Atlantic Forest Region of the South of Bahia, Brazil

R. M. Tarré, EMBRAPA, Brazil
R. Macedo, EMBRAPA, Brazil
R. B. Cantarutti, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil
C. de P. Rezende, CEPLAC, Brazil
J. M. Pereira, CEPLAC, Brazil
E. Ferreira, EMBRAPA, Brazil
B. J. R. Alves, EMBRAPA, Brazil
S. Urquiaga, EMBRAPA, Brazil
R. M. Boddey, EMBRAPA, Brazil

Deforestation for Pasture Development – Has It Been Worth It?

W. H. Burrows, Department of Primary Industries, Australia

Back to the Future – Pastoral Land Use in a Forest Land – Sustainability Challenges for the 21st Century

J. Morgan Williams, Parliamentary Commission for the Environment, New Zealand