Lewis Honors College Capstone Collection

Year of Publication



Arts and Sciences



Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

First Capstone/Thesis Advisor

Dr. Kathryn Everson


This study attempts to analyze the genetics using specific haplotype sequences of the endangered gray bat to determine genetic events that have happened in the past as well as determining how the species population has changed over time. We were able to conduct a Tajima’s D test to investigate whether a potential bottleneck has occurred. A linear regression of the genetic vs. geographical distance was produced to investigate the patterns of haplotype distribution. The species past distribution was compared to the current distribution using known collected specimens. A map of future predictions was constructed using present and future climate layers to understand how the species distribution might fluctuate in the future. We found that a genetic bottleneck likely occurred in the past and that although there has been a decline in population in the past, the population is predicted to expand in the future.