We recently reported a direct, inverse, significant linear correlation of Env divergence from our live-attenuated vaccine strain (EIAVD9) and protection from disease. This marked effect of Env variation or viral evolution on vaccine efficacy begged the current questions: what is the relationship of Env variation and viral evolution to vaccine efficacy and does the evolution of virus in inapparent carriers differ from the evolution of attenuated vaccine viruses? Hence we further examined this relationship of Env divergence, evolution, and vaccine efficacy via investigations into Env evolution during inapparent infections, the elimination of ancestral viral species in infected ponies, and EIAVD9 day of challenge (DOC) evolution association with vaccine protection.

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Published in Retrovirology, v. 6 (Suppl. 3): P18.

© 2009 Craigo et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

From AIDS Vaccine 2009 (Paris, France: 19–22 October 2009).

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