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Master of Science in Forest and Natural Resource Sciences (MSFNRS)

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Forestry and Natural Resources

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Dr. Marco A. Contreras


Timber harvesting is an important activity in the state of Kentucky; however, there is still a lack of information about the procedure used by the local loggers. The stump to landing transport of logs with skidders is often the most expensive and time-consuming task in timber harvesting operations. This thesis evaluated the feasibility of using a multi-camera system for time and motion studies of timber harvesting operations. It was installed in 5 skidders in 3 different harvesting sites in Kentucky. The time stamped video provided accurate time consumption data for each work phase of the skidders, which was used to fit linear regressions and find the influence of skidding distance, skid-trail gradient, and load size on skidding time. The multi-camera systems were found to be a reliable tool for time and motion studies in timber harvesting sites. Six different time equations and two speed equations were fitted for skidding cycles and sections of skid-trails, for skidders that are both loaded and unloaded. Skid-trail gradient and load size did not have an influence on skidding time. There is a need for future studies of different variables that could affect skidding time and, consequently, cost.

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Fully funded by the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources of the University of Kentucky.