Objective: To examine the types of nutrition and health-related articles published in digital magazines directed toward Latinx women; and to examine the extent to which advertisements about food, nutrition, and weight-loss are prevalent in these media.

Design: A descriptive content analysis was completed for five digital magazines marketing to Latinx women. A total of 1,234 articles and 3,001 advertisements were examined for nutrition and health-related content.

Results: Early editions of digital magazines directed towards Latinx women included more advertisements than articles on the topics of food and health. Among the articles, very few (0-30%) included health and nutrition information that came from a reliable, evidenced-based source.

Conclusions and Implications: Public health researchers should continue to examine mass media exposures of health and nutrition messages, especially media directed towards populations disproportionately affected by diet-related diseases. Overall, this study provides recommendations for health and nutrition professionals to contribute expert content to digital media targeting the Latinx community.

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