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Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Systems (MSNFS)

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Dietetics and Human Nutrition

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Dr. Makenzie Barr


Although proven that nutrition can impact physical health, limited research examines the relationship between nutrition-related lifestyle behaviors, nutrition knowledge, and the prevalence of injury in university music students. The objective of this study is to evaluate nutrition-related lifestyle behaviors and self-perceived nutrition knowledge of university music students before and after a targeted nutrition education session. A baseline Qualtrics survey was administered to undergraduate and graduate music students (18+ years) via the University of Kentucky School of Music Listserv to gather data related to demographics, anthropometrics, history of playing-related injury, nutrition knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. A nutrition education presentation, focused on balanced nutrition while in a university setting, was given virtually via Zoom. A post-intervention survey was sent 4 weeks later to nutrition intervention participants. Pre/post-nutrition-related lifestyle behaviors and nutrition knowledge were assessed as well as their relationship to playing-related injury history. The results display a significant relationship between high self-perception of nutrition knowledge and high self-perception of current nutrition status and a high prevalence of playing-related injuries within its cohort. This study will add preliminary findings to the current body of research linking the importance of balanced nutrition in university music students to maintain adequate health and performance.

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