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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis




Dietetics and Human Nutrition

First Advisor

Dr. Kelly Webber

Second Advisor

Dr. Sandra Bastin


The media has highlighted a proposed link between a gluten free diet (GFD) and weight loss. However, research related to weight gain and a GFD for persons with celiac disease (CD) has shown the opposite effect. A GFD is the only known treatment for persons with CD. If a patient with CD consumes a diet high in GF processed foods, weight management may be difficult to achieve.

Participants with self-reported CD completed a modified GF food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) to assess typical dietary consumption of whole grains, sweets, fruits, vegetables and regular soda. Additionally, body mass index (BMI) and exercise were assessed. The results of this study found that whole grain, fruit and vegetable intakes were low among celiac patients. Additionally, BMI was on the high end of the normal weight range.

The results of this study indicate that a greater emphasis should be placed on nutritional quality when counseling patients with CD. Registered dietitians should focus their diet counseling sessions with CD patients on a nutritious naturally GF diet in order to better manage weight.