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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Educational Policy Studies and Eval

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Dr. Jeffery P. Bieber


This study examined the topic of faculty satisfaction among faculty employed at the University of Sarajevo (UNSA) in Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH). BiH has endured a difficult transition from a socialist regime to a market economy following the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s and its higher education sector has been particularly affected by this transition. Scholarly research has focused mostly on the impact of discrimination of certain groups at the primary and secondary levels (Pašalic-Krešo, 2008). Research into issues affecting tertiary education is still an emerging field, and research on faculty is especially sparse.

Utilizing survey methodology, this study described the demographic and professional profile of the average faculty member, their satisfaction and/or agreement with various aspects of their work and working conditions and tested which variables within Hagedorn’s (2000) conceptual framework of faculty satisfaction significantly predicted their job satisfaction. The results revealed that faculty were not involved in major decision-making and that external politics heavily influenced university operations. They were dissatisfied with their overall working conditions, but especially with library offerings and administrative support. The work itself, recognition, and being single were the only variables from Hagedorn’s model that significantly predicted their overall satisfaction.

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