The Agathidini (Braconidae: Agathidinae) genera of Southeast Asia are revised based on a phylogenetic analysis of COI and 28S. Ten new genera are proposed, i.e., Agathigma, Asperagathis, Chimaeragathis, Cymagathis, Liragathis, Leuroagathis, Scabagathis, Trochantagathis, Xanthagathis, and Zosteragathis. An illustrated key to the Southeast Asian genera of this tribe is presented. Species from Thailand are keyed and described for all genera of Agathidini except Bassus and Zosteragathis which have too many species for this publication and will be dealt with separately. The phylogenetic analyses indicate that Bassus s.s. is polyphyletic. However, there are no morphological characters to support this and we have retained the current concept of Bassus, which is basically those Agathidini with simple tarsal claws. Numerous new combinations are proposed based on species that are moved to the newly erected genera.

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Published in ZooKeys, v. 660, p. 107-150.

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Funding was provided by NSF grants DEB-0542864 and EF-0337220 and by Hatch projects KY008041 and KY008065 (to MJS).

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