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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Master's Thesis




Early Childhood, Special Education, and Rehabilitation Counseling

First Advisor

Dr. Justin Lane


The purpose of the study was to evaluate the current literature on the use of peer mediated instruction to address topic maintenance for indiviuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A literature review using the standards recommended by the What Works Clearinghouse was conducted. The studies included in the review met the following criteria: (a) use of SCRD; (b) inclusion of at least one participant with ASD as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Mental Disorders, 4th edition, Text Revision (American Psychiatric Association, 2000) or DSM-5 diagnosis of ASD; (c) examination of the use of peer instruction containing any of the following words: PMI, peer training, peer networks (d) examination of the use of PMI on at least one of the following dependent variables: topic maintenance, response to initiation on topic, reciprocity, sustaining conversation on topic, or response clearly contingent on the initiation; and (e) published in a peer reviewed journal in English in the last 10 years. This review highlights four main results: (a) the growing need for future research in topic maintenance interventions for individuals with ASD; (b) the critical that future research is conducted to evaluate if PMI is effective in all settings and level of communication needs in participants; and (c) it adds to the literature that systematic intervention is needed to address social communication needs for individuals with ASD.

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