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Master of Education (MEd)

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Master's Thesis




Special Education

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Dr. Amy Spriggs


The purpose of this research is to train special education paraprofessionals in the implementation of Aided Language Modeling (ALM) through a coaching program. A single-case multiple probe design across three paraprofessional/student dyads was used to analyze data. Coaching procedures included a single 20-minute training workshop with the researcher between baseline and intervention and post-session conversations after each intervention trial. The research took place in a public school in the southeastern United States. The school was located outside of a metropolitan area in a suburban school district. The study took place to answer the following questions: (1) With the implementation of a paraprofessional training and coaching program, will there be an increase in the frequency of ALM by paraprofessionals while interacting with students with ID during classroom activities and (2) Do paraprofessionals find the training on ALM beneficial in supporting all individuals in the classroom?

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