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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

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Master's Thesis




Early Childhood Ed

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Dr. Jennifer Grisham


The purpose of this study was to evaluate preschool classrooms’ parental engagement throughout the school year. Specifically, the study aims to assess if parents felt they received information to support their child's development, if the school offered engagement opportunities, and if the parents believed that engagement impacted their child. Research studies have shown or indicated that parental engagement is a key component to a child’s success. This study highlights the importance of parental involvement and engagement for children in preschool. The study involves reviewing a survey to gain a better understanding of when, how, and why parental involvement and engagement were occurring in preschool programs. A key outcome of this study includes gaining a greater understanding of the differences between family engagement and involvement. This study’s analysis utilizes a quantitative design based on the Methods Branch.

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