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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Early Childhood, Special Education, and Counselor Education

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Dr. Kera Ackerman


Inclusive education is a global trend and an educational right that refers to the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education settings (GECs). Applying to the most effective practices is particularly essential for students with disabilities in GECs. Most of the responsibility to implement inclusive practices and create a positive inclusive classroom environment falls on special and general education teachers in GECs. Thus, pre-service teacher education is crucial for teachers’ future achievements in inclusionary settings to address the diverse needs of students with disabilities. The purpose of this survey study was to investigate teacher education programs in the United States (US) regarding how they integrate inclusive practices into their courses as based on faculty-report. Participants were 215 faculty members who identify as special education, elementary education, or combined program faculty in the US. Results from quantitative data analysis show inclusive practices are highly integrated; however, assessments and field-based assignments are less required while lecture, reading, and application assignments are highly required when integrating inclusive practices in the course programs. A statistically significant, positive, and weak linear relationship between the number of offered courses and integration of inclusive practices and between the teacher preparation model and integration of inclusive practices was found. The teacher preparation model and the number of offered courses were found as statistically significant predictors of the integration of inclusive practices. There are significant differences in the integration of inclusive practices based on the faculties’ programs. Discussion and implications for practice are represented.

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Scholarship from the Turkish Ministry of National Education (2018-2022)

Award from Dr. A. Edward Blackhurst, Professor Emeritus (Spring, 2022)