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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Early Childhood, Special Education, and Counselor Education

First Advisor

Dr. Debra Harley


This research study provides important insights on the psychosocial stressors faced by U.S. Arab immigrants when raising a child with ASD, their perceptions of rehabilitation counseling, and the implications of rehabilitation counseling practice based on gender, age, education, and race. More specifically, this study has provided a detailed literature review as well as new insights into the challenges faced by the caregivers and recommendations that rehabilitation counselors should consider when helping these families overcome psychosocial issues and adjust to their circumstances. Using the DASS-21 questionnaire and a multi-factor analysis, it has identified specific groups of caregivers that may need help from rehabilitation counselors. Overall, this data-driven study has developed promising ways to promote positive change in the American Arab community regarding caregiving of children with ASD.

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