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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Special Education

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Dr. Lee Ann Jung


Professionals in early intervention have little information about the levels of sibling involvement in intervention, factors that contribute to sibling involvement, or how sibling involvement is related to families’ perceptions of self-efficacy. Few studies have investigated siblings in early intervention, and none have focused on relationships between sibling involvement in early intervention and parent self-efficacy. Using quantitative survey research this study investigated factors related to sibling involvement in early intervention strategies. Respondents completing the survey consisted of 129 parents who had a child enrolled in Michigan’s early intervention program, and at least one sibling in the home. Results indicated a significant relationship between sibling use of early intervention strategies and 1) the region in which the family lives, and 2) the age difference between the siblings in each sibling dyad. Practical implications of the findings are discussed.