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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Education Sciences

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Dr. Susan Chambers Cantrell

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Dr. Terence Tunberg


The motivation for this study came from a need to construct student-centered pedagogical practices to enhance learning and teaching of the Latin language in K-12 schools in the USA. This study aimed to advance a conceptual understanding of how active Latin teaching and learning occurs and to investigate the potential benefits of applying historical pedagogical frameworks for active Latin teaching practiced during the Renaissance, when Latin was both a lingua franca and a dead language. This study employed a mixed-methods comparative case study including interviews and classroom observations and quantitative analyses of student test scores to determine current active teaching and learning practices and outcomes in K-12 United States schools.

Findings demonstrate that teachers engaged in active Latin pedagogy desired that students live a well-examined life, and highlight the importance of access to literature so that students become lifelong learners who make connections to their own experiences, co-construct knowledge and make sense of content.

This research has the potential to enhance Latin pedagogy and positively affect learning outcomes in K-12 classes and beyond both in the USA and abroad, through analysis of the benefits of a pedagogical focus on a variety of active teaching and learning techniques.

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