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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Education Sciences

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Dr. Kristen Perry


With the growing world population, agricultural education may play a role in increasing the production of agricultural products and services in developing nations by improving knowledge and participation in the agricultural field, specifically with regard to the nations’ youth. Few researchers have sought to understand how the experience of teaching agriculture abroad impacts the agricultural educator. The purpose of this dissertation was to understand the essence of an international agricultural educator experience. In this phenomenological study, I interviewed past AgriCorps fellows to examine the lived experiences of fellows, how the fellows were impacted personally and professionally, and the transformative learning process that occurred within fellows.

The perceived identity and isolation of fellows, combined with the importance of relationships with host country nationals and the fellow cohort shaped the daily experiences of the international agricultural educators. These experiences led to perspective changes on agricultural education, international development, career paths, and personal and professional growth. The importance of cohorts in international agricultural education was discussed. The findings of this dissertation are discussed relative to transformative learning theory and recommendations for international agricultural education programs, American agricultural education, and future research are offered.

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