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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Education Sciences

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Dr. Justin Bathon

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Dr. Jayson W. Richardson


This mixed methods study examined the effect of school leaders’ support of teachers’ personal and professional technology use, support of teachers’ technology integration, and support of teachers’ current instructional practice on teachers’ technology integration. In 2018, over six hundred teachers and sixty-five leaders from a Catholic diocese in the southeastern United States participated in the LoTi Digital Survey for Teachers and the LoTi Digital Survey for Leaders. In this two-phase study, data from these surveys were used in phase one to examine the degree to which each of the school leaders’ measures of support affected teachers’ technology integration. Using correlation and regression to analyze the data, the results were small but significant, indicating school leaders’ support was important but there were unknown factors that accounted for most of the change in teachers’ technology integration.

In phase two of the study, six school leaders were interviewed using questions based on the Unified Model for Effective Leader Practices (Hitt & Tucker, 2016) as applied to instructional technology (Dexter, Richardson & Nash, 2016). Each school leader explained their support of technology use and the effect of their support on their teachers’ integration of technology. Answers from the school leaders from all six schools were similar across four of the five Dexter, et al. (2016) domains. However, the use of technology to connect to the local and global community was different, with only three schools actually implementing connected activities with the community at large. Evidence from both the quantitative and qualitative portions of the study indicates that the support of school leaders matters in the integration of technology in Catholic schools.

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