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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Education Sciences

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Dr. Jeffery Bieber


The increasing enrollment of diverse students in the US higher education institutions has given rise to discussions on how to meet the academic needs of minority students. Non-faculty members have implemented programs and initiatives that indirectly improve minority students' educational outcomes. Less explored is the role of faculty in ensuring that minority students thrive academically. This phenomenological qualitative study explores the general orientation of faculty toward inclusive and equitable teaching (IET). Specifically, it looked at how faculty define and experience IET, factors that motivated their use of IET, and barriers to implementing IET in higher education. Eight faculty from different disciplinary orientations, who are reputable for teaching inclusively and equitably, were interviewed. Findings revealed that faculty IET experiences revolved around including diverse authorial voices in literature, encouraging diverse voices in class discussions, and practicing the ethics of caring. However, faculty uncovered personal, organizational, and societal barriers to implementing IET in higher education.

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