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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Curriculum and Instruction

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Dr. Janice F. Almasi


The purpose of this dissertation was to understand non-tenured and tenured teachers’, administrators’, and literacy support staff’s perceptions of the most imperative practices new teachers should know to teach reading in local elementary schools located in one regional state university’s service region. As well, this dissertation sought to determine the degree to which there was alignment between what is being taught in reading methods classes at one regional, state university with those practices. Questionnaire data were used to determine the level of alignment between stakeholders at the elementary school districts and university teacher preparation program. The results showed that there are certain practices such as providing whole group instruction, a print-rich classroom, and using literature in the classroom that are perceived as imperative at the elementary schools in two school districts and being taught at one regional, state university. However, there are many practices perceived as imperative at the school level such as providing explicit phonics and phonemic awareness instruction, but are not the focus of the regional, state university’s teacher preparation program. The university could use the data to inform instructional decisions within the teacher preparation literacy courses. Both school districts could use the data to determine ways to support new teachers are they teach reading in the elementary classroom.

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