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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Curriculum and Instruction

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Dr. Joan Mazur


This study was conducted using a qualitative single-case, embedded design in a 4th grade elementary classroom with five participants. One purpose of this inquiry was to evaluate the differential effects between digital and print text on reading comprehension of literary texts on students with ADHD. A second purpose of this study was to evaluate and determine the differential effects reading digitally and from print have on specific off and on-task reading behaviors with these same participants. The goal of this research was to generate a comprehensive case description and analysis that will contribute to the evolving theories of best practice in planning reading instruction in the digital age and to further the understanding of how students with ADHD interact comparatively with digital and print text.

Qualitative and quantitative data were collected from participant interviews, comprehension assessments, and direct observations of students as they read in digital and print text conditions. Three of the five participants scored higher in reading comprehension when reading traditional, print text.

An analysis of the data for this study found no differential effects within on and off-task behaviors in these five participants when reading in digital (12%) vs. print (11%) text conditions.

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