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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Doctoral Dissertation




Curriculum and Instruction

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Dr. Joan Mazur


The United States Federal Government recognized the importance of parent involvement in the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001. Parent involvement has been associated with lower grade retention rates (student repeating a grade level), higher graduation rates, and higher student achievement rates. Reported obstacles to parent involvement include lack of child development knowledge and time constraints. In early childhood, a major focus has been placed on early literacy skills. However, studies that involve early numeracy skills especially in the home environment are lacking. Therefore, this study attempted to fill that void. An instrumental exploratory case study research design was utilized in which information was gathered on parents’ numeracy skill knowledge, numeracy perceptions, numeracy home activities and perceptions on the implementation of the numeracy micro videos as a parent involvement tool. A total of 41 preschool parents participated in the study who were randomly assigned to either a video user or nonuser group. Beginning in January 2019, the user group received a weekly micro video YouTube link for the parent to watch. A total of 6 videos were provided on early numeracy skills and support practices. Data analysis suggested the videos impacted preschool skill knowledge. For the user group, parental confidence grew as well as the need for additional support. In addition, an increase in home activities was observed. According to the participants, the physical activity micro videos seemed to be enjoyed more than the measurement cooking videos. From this study, it is believed that micro videos could provide another parent involvement outlet that encourages parent participation in their child’s learning process. Information from this study can help develop more micro videos that address parent’s need and concerns regarding early numeracy development.

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