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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Candice Falls

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Dr. Aaron Harris

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Dr. Sheila Melander


Background: Patients who are placed on veno- venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VV- ECMO) are at high risk for developing right sided heart failure. An echocardiogram is essential for diagnostics and recovery in ECMO patients and should be a standard of care when managing this patient population. More research is needed to understand the effect of reducing right sided heart failure using routine echocardiograms. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to evaluate if there is a significant difference in outcomes of VV- ECMO patients who received routine echocardiograms compared to those who did not, and appropriately manage once RV dysfunction is indicated. This project will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of echocardiograms in all VV- ECMO patients at UK Healthcare. Methods: Data will be collected through a retrospective chart review of all VV- ECMO patients with documented cannulation dates. Patient charts will be assessed for how often echocardiograms were performed while the patient was on VV-ECMO and if the patient had a new diagnosis of right sided heart failure. Outcomes in VV- ECMO patients who had routine echocardiograms will be assessed and compared between those who did not receive routine echocardiograms. Results: This retrospective chart review showed there was a significant difference in length of time on ECMO and echocardiograms (p-valueConclusion: The results of this study indicates there needs to be further research on echocardiograms in VV- ECMO patients. Even though there was a significant difference in length of time on ECMO post intervention, discharge disposition and other factors such as co-morbid burden, age, or gender need to be compared and investigated