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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Dorothy Brockopp

Clinical Mentor

Dr. Karma Cassidy

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Dr. Chizimuzo Okoli


Military readiness, employer productivity and individual health are all significantly impacted by high rates of tobacco use. Current research, to date, suggests that use of brief, individually tailored behavioral modification strategies through group therapy may be most effective in smoking cessation. The objective of this Practice Inquiry Project was to explore aspects of tobacco use the U.S. military population and examine potential relationships between type of treatment, smoking abstinence, and maintenance of body weight (e.g. avoid weight gain) among those seeking tobacco use cessation. The findings of this project can provide guidance on enhancing current tobacco cessation efforts to enable long-term tobacco use abstinence while maintaining body weight among U.S. Navy & Marine (as well as other U.S. military) personnel.