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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Karen Stefaniak

Clinical Mentor

Dr. Susan Lephart

Committee Member

Dr. Suzanne Pilon



Background: Stress, test anxiety and worry continue to increase in nursing students. As successful completion of course exams is required for nursing students to complete their program of study, these increased levels of stress, anxiety and worry can hinder their ability to perform at their best. Purpose: The aim of this project is to show that using cute/funny animal videos prior to an exam can decrease test anxiety (TA) and improve performance. Project Improvement Framework: The plan-do-study-act, PDSA, quality improvement framework was used for the final, modified project. Method: A video was embedded into three of four course exams. The Test and Examination Measure (TEAM) survey was sent to all medical-surgical nursing students after each course examination (exam) to determine change in TA and performance. Results: Of the 670 surveys sent out, only 14 were completed, and of those only one completed a survey with and without an embedded video. Discussion: Although survey response rates are typically low, the response rate for this project was exceptionally poor. Understanding the lack of response will be important in continuing to help students combat test anxiety. Conclusions: It is clear that students need help controlling test anxiety. It may become even more important in the future as we learn the impact the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has had on our students. Knowing the best way to control test anxiety remains a question for faculty.