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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Melanie Hardin-Pierce

Clinical Mentor

Dr. Devan Costelle

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Dr. Sheila Melander



PURPOSE: The purpose of this project was to focus on caregiver education with an emphasis on caregiver concerns regarding the LVAD; additionally, evaluating the efficacy of an educational video acknowledging those device-related concerns identified by caregivers. The goal of this project is to improve caregiver knowledge and decrease the rate of device related concerns among the primary caregivers.

METHODS: This project is a single center cross-sectional, pre-post-test implementation design to determine the efficacy of device related concerns education on primary caregivers’ knowledge and concerns. A 16-point device related concerns scale was designed to appraise primary caregiver concerns. The scale used a 0-4 Likert scale ranking, 0- not concerned and 4- very concerned. An educational video was developed and implemented to address the concerns in the device related concerns scale. A post device related concerns scale used to evaluate the efficacy of the educational video. Data was collection took place between November 2020 and February 2021.

RESULTS: Thirty primary caregivers of VAD patients agreed to participate in this study. Twenty- eight of those participants started with only twenty one completing the online survey. There was a significant decrease in caregivers concerns following implementation of the educational video.

CONCLUSION: The findings from this cross-sectional pre- post- test study supports the implementation of educational video in caregiver discharge teaching. As a result of this intervention, caregivers reported a lower post concerns scale score, this coincides with a better understanding and comfort with the LVAD.