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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Jean Edward

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Dr. Patricia K. Howard

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Dr. Evelyn Parrish


Purpose: The purpose of this DNP project was to examine staff perception of workplace violence before and after an educational intervention provided to bedside staff members in the ED of a Level-1 trauma center. The project focused on assessing the impact of an educational intervention on staff perception of WPV related to safety and overall awareness.

Methods: This project was a single site project designed to examine the impact of an educational intervention using egress education and cue recognition in the ED setting using a pre- and post-survey. The survey examined staff perception of safety related to WPV before and after receiving education on effective routes of egress throughout the ED and cue recognition. The purpose behind the education implemented was to promote awareness, improve recognition of escalating behaviors, and mitigate the potential for violent behavior. Surveys were used to determine effectiveness of the intervention on staff perceptions of personal safety while working. The project examined cross-sectional survey responses obtained from bedside nurses and other healthcare providers that work within the emergency department of a Level I Trauma Center.

Results:A total of 87 staff members completed the pre-survey and 79 staff members completed the post-survey following the egress education and cue recognition. 81% of project participants reported experiencing some form (Verbal and/or Physical) of WPV while working in the ED. Staff perception based on survey responses did not demonstrate a need for exit strategy education implementation (p = 0.79).

Discussion: WPV in the ED occurs at an alarming rate, yet despite the evidence, the rate of violence experience by healthcare workers continues to rise. It is imperative to implement effective training programs for staff, however, more studies need to be conducted on effective strategies of training and relevant content that effectively reduce acts of WPV in the healthcare setting.

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