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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Debra Hampton

Clinical Mentor

Dr Kim Tharp-Barrie

Committee Member

Dr Kim Flanders

Committee Member

Dr Heather Oliver


BACKGROUND: Nurse Managers often do not receive direct acknowledgment for their accomplishments or have input into the facility wide decisions which directly impact them. Currently there are no known shared governance programs tailored to the nurse manager level.

PURPOSE: To determine the impact of a system shared governance model on nurse manager’s work engagement, psychological empowerment, and inclusion.

METHOD: A pretest and posttest design was utilized to determine the impact of shared governance participation for nurse managers. Spreitzer’s psychological empowerment scale and the Ultrech “Work and Well-being” instrument, in addition to some Likert scale and open-ended descriptive questions, were included in the survey for this study.

RESULTS: For both work engagement and psychological empowerment, the mean pre and post intervention scores were above the average. In relation to the value of participation in the manager shared governance council, managers reported feelings of being heard, connectivity, collaboration, and networking.

CONCLUSION: Future studies should be conducted within multiple organizations to determine the impact of nursing leaders participating in a shared governance committee. Participation in a manager shared governance model may lead to manager empowerment and help managers drive change and adapt to workplace challenges.