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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Debra Hampton

Clinical Mentor

Dr. Pamela Missi

Committee Member

Dr. Kim Tharp-Barrie



PURPOSE: The purpose of this project was to create a Nurse Manager System Collaborative Council (NMSCC) at Norton Healthcare and to determine the impact of participation in the NMSCC on job satisfaction, intent to leave, and resilience.

METHODS: This study employed a quasi-experimental, pre-test, post-test design to assess the effectiveness of the NMSCC at Norton Healthcare. Job Satisfaction was measured using the Warshawsky scale, Intent to Leave was evaluated using the Houser scale, and resilience was assessed using the Connor-Davidson CD-RISC scale.

RESULTS: Resilience increased after participation in the NMSCC for 6 months. Job satisfaction and intent to leave was unchanged. The feedback related to the value of the NMSCC was positive and included newly fostered connections and support among the group.

CONCLUSION: This study demonstrated the value of the NMSCC related to increasing resilience and promoting connection among nurse managers at NHC. This study demonstrated the benefit of a NMSCC for nurse managers based on a shared-governance design. The significance of using connection to promote engagement and job satisfaction are manifested in the literature, and the NMSCC is an authentic program to deliver a vehicle for support for nurse managers.