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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Melanie Hardin-Pierce

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Dr. Lewis Perkins

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Dr. Sheila Melander


PURPOSE: The purpose of this project was to measure adherence rates to the current alcohol use screening process, and identification of correlations of alcohol use and outcomes in patients admitted to Norton Hospital, via the emergency department.

METHODS: The study design is a retrospective descriptive evaluation, of adherence to the current alcohol use screening process, and associations among age, gender, ethnicity, length of stay, number of ICU days, restraint use days, level of care at admission (ICU, TCU, LLM/tele, MS), incidence of AWS/DTs, and activation of the CIWA protocol among the adult inpatient population of Norton Hospital’s downtown campus, admitted via the emergency department (ED), for greater than 24 hours, between April 2016 and April 2017. The sample consisted of 300 randomly selected patient charts, using the inclusion criteria.

RESULTS: It was found that overall screening adherence for alcohol use on patients admitted from the emergency room was nearly 100%. Among the study population 26.3% screened positive, 4.3% had the specific diagnosis of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, 4.7% were treated with CIWA protocol. Those who screened positive were more likely to be male, with a mean age of 49.8 years. No statistical differences in ethnicity, level of care at admission, restraint use, mortality, number of ICU days, and length of stay were found within the study sample population, between those who screened positive or negative for alcohol use at admission.

CONCLUSION: Further research needs to be done to better understand associations between alcohol use screening and ethnicity, level of care at admission, restraint use, length of stay, number of ICU days and mortality in the overall population at Norton Hospital’s downtown campus. Retrospective review revealed that there was a high level of adherence to the alcohol use screening process by the health care staff. The screening process for alcohol use at admission is well documented within those admitted via the emergency department.