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Doctor of Nursing Practice

Committee Chair

Dr. Nancy S. Kloha

Clinical Mentor

Dr. Joseph F. Fowler, Jr.

Committee Member

Dr. Elizabeth G. Tovar


PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, skills, and self-efficacy of dermatology providers’ assessment of depression in patients with chronic skin disease to determine the need for continuing education programs.

METHODS: This is a single practice, multi site, quantitative correlational design study to assess provider use, comfort, and proficiency of screening and discussion of depression in patients suffering from plaque psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Data was collected through the use of a questionnaire dispensed in January of 2018. The sample consisted of 23 dermatology providers in a dermatology practice with clinics in Louisville, Lebanon, Leitchfield, and Shelbyville, Kentucky as well as New Albany, Indiana.

RESULTS: No statistical differences were seen in demographics, attitudes, perceived behavioral control, confidence, and barriers between providers who screen and those who do not screen. However, the 12 providers in the screening group and the 5 providers in the non-screening group showed significant difference in intention (p=.02) as well as subjective norms (p=.04) scores in the assessment of the theory of planned behavior. In addition, all 17 providers who participated in the study indicated the lack of training in the screening for and discussion of depression in the dermatology setting

CONCLUSION: Insight into the factors that influence the practice of screening for depression in patients with skin disease can lead to understanding the educational needs of the dermatology provider. In the future, additional research needs to be completed to better understand what topics should be included in educational programs. The primary goal of this research is to increase the number of dermatology patients who benefit from a more holistic method of care.