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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Sheila Melander

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Dr. Rachel Busse

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Dr. Sharon Lock


PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to promote integrative medicine by evaluating the efficacy of Complementary Alternative Medicines (CAM) on pain and/or anxiety reduction in the oncology and bone marrow transplant population. The four modalities of CAM were massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), aromatherapy and narrative medicine.

METHODS: The design was a single center retrospective chart review, focusing on medications for pain and anxiety, self-reported pain levels, self-reported anxiety levels, chronicity of pain and acuity of pain prior to and after the CAM modality/s implementation.

RESULTS: Due to the lack of electronic documentation of massage, aromatherapy and narrative medicine, JSJ was the only modality included in the study. The sample consisted of 59 patients and 104 JSJ encounters for the period of June 2016 to June 2017. Pain and anxiety were significantly reduced after the implementation of JSJ. Pain and anxiety acuity and chronicity and medications used to treat them were not documented. The average pain score was 4.4 before CAM intervention and 2.8 after CAM intervention. The average anxiety/stress rating was 4.6 before CAM intervention and 2.2 after CAM intervention.

CONCLUSION: Decreases in pain and anxiety scores were both statistically significant after the implementation of JSJ in the oncology and bone marrow transplant population.

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