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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Nancy Kloha

Clinical Mentor

Donna Thompson

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Dr. Sharon Lock


Safe prescribing of combined hormonal contraceptives is important to prevent unplanned pregnancies and adverse effects including thrombotic events. Combined hormonal contraceptives can be taken safely but this relies on appropriate prescribing techniques by the healthcare provider. Prior to prescribing any type of contraception, health care providers should perform a risk assessment to anticipate and prevent patient complications. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created the United States Medical Eligibility Criteria (U.S. MEC) for contraceptive use guideline to help direct healthcare providers to assess patient risk factors, prescribe the safest form of contraception, and provide necessary teaching and follow-up. This project includes a retrospective chart audit of 100 charts from university-based, outpatient, primary care clinics to examine contraceptive counseling and prescribing behaviors and compare these with the recommendations set forth by the guideline. This project will help identify guideline adherence and specifically assess prescriber documentation of risk factors associated with combined contraceptives, the safety of prescribing a combined hormonal contraceptive, and prescriber documentation of combined contraceptive counseling and follow-up.