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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Julie Ossege

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Melissa Farfsing

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Dr. Debbie Hampton

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Dr. Sharon Lock


Purpose: The purpose of this project was to understand providers’ views of electronic messaging through MyChart and find out the essential tools needed to comply with Stage 3 criteria of Meaningful Use. The objectives were to: 1) Discover providers’ current thoughts/opinions about electronic messaging, 2) Identify perceived benefits and barriers to using secure electronic messaging between providers and patients, and 3) Discover the perceived essential tools needed to meet Stage 3 criteria.

Methods: A needs assessment was performed through a provider survey. Providers at primary care offices with reliable Wi-Fi were approached about the project. Volunteer participants were given a link, either on a tablet or a written piece of paper, to complete a brief survey on Survey Monkey. Data was aggregated and sent to the PI to evaluate.

Results: The sample population included 30 APRN and MD/DO primary care providers. All of the providers used MyChart messaging with their patients. Overall, the providers felt that MyChart messaging was beneficial because it increased patient satisfaction (70%), allowed for addressing small issues without bringing the patient in for an appointment (66.67%), and allowed them to have better control over chronic conditions (40%). Some of the common barriers included the inability to charge for time spent (66.67%) and not having time in the schedule to respond (53.33%).

Conclusion: As healthcare systems prepare for Meaningful Use Stage 3, it is important to understand provider’s perspective of secure electronic messaging through the use of MyChart messaging. This study provided valuable feedback about providers’ perceived benefits, barriers, and essential tools needed to increase use of secure electronic messaging with their patients.