CRVAW Faculty Journal Articles



Submissions from 1986


Sex Fantasies Revisited: An Expansion and Further Clarification of Variables Affecting Sex Fantasy Production, Diane R. Follingstad and C. Dawn Kimbrell


Treatment of Secondary Orgasmic Dysfunction: An Outcome Study, Peter R. Kilmann, Katherine H. Mills, Charlene Caid, Edward Davidson, Bonnie Bella, Richard Milan, Gerald Drose, Joseph Boland, Diane R. Follingstad, Bonnie Montgomery, and Richard Wanlass

A Behavioral Intervention to Increase Exercise Among Nursing Home Residents, Kenneth A. Perkins, Stephen R. Rapp, Charles R. Carlson, and Clinton E. Wallace


Structural Constraints on Legislative Reform, Claire M. Renzetti and Daniel J. Curran

Submissions from 1985

Little Known Uses of Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Criminal Cases, Diane R. Follingstad and H. C. Morgan

Children's Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive Responses to Social Comparison, John C. Masters, Charles R. Carlson, and Donald F. Rahe


Development and Standardization of a Behavioral Sex-Role Inventory, Emily A. Robinson and Diane R. Follingstad

Submissions from 1984

Preparing the Witness for Courtroom Testimony: Modifying Negative Behavior through Employment of Psychological Principles, Diane R. Follingstad

Data-Based Versus Symptomatic Formulation of Treatment: The Case of a Dependent Personality, Ira Daniel Turkat and Charles R. Carlson

Submissions from 1983


Influence of Children's Emotional States on the Recognition of Emotion in Peers and Social Motives to Change Another's Emotional State, Charles R. Carlson, Elyse S. Felleman, and John C. Masters


Adults' Emotional States and Recognition of Emotion in Young Children, Charles R. Carlson, Frank P. Gantz, and John C. Masters

Children's and Adults' Recognition of Spontaneous and Posed Emotional Expressions in Young Children, Elyse Schwartz Felleman, Charles R. Carlson, R. Christopher Barden, Lois Rosenberg, and John C. Masters


Effects of Instructional Set and Personality Variables on the Use of Touching, Elizabeth Hoddinott and Diane R. Follingstad

Submissions from 1982

Night Terrors: A Clinical and Empirical Review, Charles R. Carlson, David K. White, and Ira Daniel Turkat

Submissions from 1981


Naturalistic Observation in Assessment of Behavioral Marital Therapy, Diane R. Follingstad and Stephen N. Haynes


Psychological Factors That Predict Reaction to Abortion, D. T. Moseley, Diane R. Follingstad, H. Harley, and Robert V. Heckel

Submissions from 1980


Rape Crisis Counseling and the Culture of Individualism, Margaret L. Anderson and Claire M. Renzetti


A Reconceptualization of Issues in the Treatment of Abused Women: A Case Study, Diane R. Follingstad

Race Suicide: The History of an Idea and Its Implications for Women's Reproductive Freedom, Claire M. Renzetti

Submissions from 1979


Effects of Sex of Pressuring Group, Perception of Ability, and Sex of Communicator Influencing Perceived Ability on Conformity of Males and Females, Diane R. Follingstad


Male Aggression Toward Females as a Function of Traditional and Nontraditional Cues and Visibility of the Target, Diane R. Follingstad and Judy C. Sullivan


Assessment of Marital Satisfaction and Interaction, Stephen N. Haynes, Diane R. Follingstad, and Judy C. Sullivan

Theories and Definitions of Rape by Rape Crisis Counselors: A Break with Tradition?, Claire M. Renzetti

Submissions from 1978


Sexual Fantasies of Females as a Function of Sex Guilt and Experimental Response Cues, Denise Moreault and Diane R. Follingstad

Submissions from 1977


Effects of Consciousness-Raising Groups on Measures of Feminism, Self-Esteem and Desirability, Diane R. Follingstad, Elizabeth A. Robinson, and Marta Pugh