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Master of Science in Communication Sciences & Disorders (MSCSD)

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Master's Thesis


Health Sciences


Communication Sciences & Disorders

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Dr. Mary Jo Cooley Hidecker

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Dr. Judith Page


Background: Eye-gaze is an access method used for people with severe motor impairments to communicate when other access methods for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) are not feasible. The purpose of this research was to conduct a scoping review on eye-gaze as an access technique for AAC. This scoping review uses Light’s communicative competences (i.e., linguistic, operational, social, and strategic) as a framework to analyze recent literature.

Methods: Five databases were searched to find relevant articles that considered eye-gaze as an access method for communicative purposes. Results were charted and analyzed to determine which, if any, communicative competences and associated factors were being targeted in current research.

Results: Sixteen studies were selected for analysis. Of these sixteen, ten studies had an intervention. None of the studies reviewed targeted or measured all areas of communicative competence and associated factors.

Discussion: In order for people to become effective communicators, they must be competent in all the following domains: linguistic, operational, social, and strategic. Approaching future research from a communicative competence framework may be beneficial in improving outcomes for targeted populations.

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