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Master of Science in Communication Sciences & Disorders (MSCSD)

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Master's Thesis


Health Sciences


Communication Sciences & Disorders

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Dr. Robert C. Marshall


Expressive language difficulties are commonplace in aphasia and are often further complicated by co-occurring motor speech disoders. Therefore, many people with aphasia (PWA) are unable to meet all their communication needs by speaking, and they may compensate with the use of communicative writing and drawing. Communicative writing and drawing can be defined as preserved, but imperfect, orthographic skills that PWA use to compensate for expressive language deficits resulting from aphasic and/or motor speech difficulties. The purpose of this study was to determine if the orthographic medium used by a PWA to write and draw influenced the legibility of their writing and drawing. Four different orthographic mediums were used in sentence and figure copying tasks to determine if different orthographic mediums had an impact on legibility of the writing of a PWA.

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