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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis


Health Sciences


Communication Sciences & Disorders

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Dr. Joneen Lowman


The primary purpose of this study was to craft and validate a set of core competencies necessary for an e-Helper to possess. A review of the literature guided the creation of the initial competencies. Following expert review, the competencies were revised and formatted into an online survey which was sent to respondents in four target groups: (a) school administrators who had adopted telepractice as a service delivery model; (b) SLPs experienced in telepractice within a school setting; (c) current e-Helpers, and (d) scholars experienced in telepractice. Sixty percent (21 out of 35) of the competencies were rated as “important” by 76-100% of respondents. The remaining competencies could be more or less important dependent on workplace requirements.

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