Using nationwide survey data, we investigate U.S. meat goat producer preferences and willingness to pay for meat goat breeding stock attributes. Discrete choice experiments were employed, and mixed logit and latent class models were used for analysis. Results showed that producers preferred animals that were highly masculine/feminine, had good structure and soundness, and were of the Boer breed, whereas they preferred fewer animals that were older, of Kiko and Spanish breeds, and priced higher. Significant preference heterogeneity was found among the respondents. Larger-scale producers had greater preference for high masculinity/femininity, good structure and soundness, and Boer bucks.

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Published in Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, v. 49, issue 3, p. 416-437.

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This study was part of U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Institute of Food and Agriculture project 2010-85211-20476, funded through the Agricultural Prosperity for Small and Medium-Sized Farms Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Program. Hatch funds from project LAB94178 were also used to support the project.