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Master of Science in Community & Leadership Development

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Master's Thesis


Agriculture, Food and Environment


Community and Leadership Development

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Dr. Kristina Hains


The racial and ethnic composition of the U.S. population is becoming increasingly more diverse. The 2010 U.S. Census reported a 29% increase in minority groups other than non-Hispanic Whites. In response to these changing demographics, healthcare organizations have struggled to keep pace with these trends in their hiring of a diverse staff. Healthcare leaders appear to be lagging in their efforts to make adequate changes to increase diversity in their organizations. What factors may be contributing to this inequity? One possible explanation is a limited knowledge of healthcare leaders regarding culture and diversity within the workplace. To this end, this study explores the individual cultural intelligence of clinical and non-clinical administrative healthcare leaders, while also shedding light on leadership perspectives of cultural metrics in the workplace. Initial conversations with university-based healthcare leaders shed light on the need to understand the value placed on creating a diverse teams and the role that cultural understanding plays in understanding and working with others who are different from ourselves.

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University of Kentucky 2020-2021 Richards Graduate Student Research Activity Award in the amount of 507.50