Interdisciplinary Research Centers and Institutes - Submit Your Research

Most research can be submitted electronically. Click on a link below to submit your research. Some publications may not allow authors to submit directly. In these cases, you will be provided with a mail form to contact the appropriate administrator for further instruction.

Advanced Science & Technology Commercialization Center
Advanced Science & Technology Commercialization Center Faculty Patents
Center for Applied Energy Research
Center for Applied Energy Research Faculty and Staff Publications
Center for Applied Energy Research Faculty Patents
World of Coal Ash Proceedings
Center for Clinical and Translational Science
Clinical and Translational Science Faculty Publications
Center for Computational Sciences
Center for Computational Sciences Faculty Patents
Center for Computational Sciences Faculty Publications
Commonwealth Computational Summit
Center for Research on Violence Against Women
CRVAW Faculty Book Chapters
CRVAW Faculty Book Gallery
CRVAW Faculty Journal Articles
CRVAW Faculty Presentations
CRVAW Faculty Research Reports and Papers
NSF-NIJ IPV Prevention Workshop
Center for Structural Biology
Center for Structural Biology Faculty Publications
Center for Structural Biology Presentations
Center of Membrane Sciences
Center of Membrane Sciences Faculty Publications
Human Development Institute
Human Development Institute Faculty Publications
Kentucky Geological Survey
Administrative Report--KGS
Contract Reports--KGS
County Report--KGS
Faculty, Staff, and Affiliated Publications--KGS
Information Circular--KGS
Map and Chart--KGS
Open File Reports--KGS
Report of Investigations--KGS
Research Data--KGS
Special Publication--KGS
Kentucky Water Research Institute
Faculty, Staff, and Supported Research
Kentucky River Watershed Watch
Kentucky Water Resources Annual Symposium
KWRRI Annual Technical Reports (USGS’s 104b Grant Program)
KWRRI Research Reports
Water Distribution System Research Database
Markey Cancer Center
Center for Environmental and Systems Biochemistry
Markey Cancer Center Faculty Patents
Markey Cancer Center Faculty Publications
Superfund Research Center
Superfund Research Center Faculty Publications