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Novel methods and devices for removing cryoprotectant from cryoprotectant-containing liquids, and from cells residing therein, are disclosed. In one aspect, the method comprises passing the cryoprotectant-containing liquid through at least one semipermeable hollow fiber membrane contained in a hollow module in a first direction, while passing a liquid which is substantially free of cryoprotectant through the hollow module in a second direction to remove cryoprotectant across a diffusion gradient. In another aspect, a device is described for removing cryoprotectant from a liquid, comprising a hollow module with at least one semipermeable hollow fiber membrane therein for accomplishing such counter-current diffusion removal of cryprotectant. A software program is also provided for predicting optimal flow rates through the device of the invention, thereby allowing optimal cryoprotectant removal regardless of the cryoprotectant used or the material from which the semipermeable hollow fiber membrane is fabricated.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, KY (US)

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